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Door County Hot Stone Massage
Therapeutic Relaxation Massage
Aromatherapy Massage
Therapeutic Cleansing Massage
Arnica Muscle Repair Treatment
Couples Massage
Steam & Sauna Therapy

Swedish Massage
The ultimate in relaxation and stress reduction. This basic relaxation massage is suited to individual needs. Pressure can be regulated from gentle to intermediate or firm and concentrated to problem areas during overall session.
30 minutes $55 / 60 minutes $80 / 90 minutes $105

Deep Tissue Massage
This massage focuses on realigning deeper layers of muscle and connective tissue. It is helpful for chronically tense and contracted areas such as the lower back and shoulders. Movement is slow; pressure is deep and concentrated on areas of tension and pain.
30 minutes $70 / 60 minutes $95 / 90 minutes $120

Craniosacral Therapy
A carefully developed method of normalizing the function of the CranioSacral system. Very gentle pressure is applied with major focus on the head and sacrum. The therapy makes use of the client's natural, self-correcting mechanisms. Through subtle movements restrictions in the body are released, which helps restore balance and connection for the mind-body.
60 minutes $80

Lymphatic Massage
The lymph system is a key element in the body's immune system. Many things can contribute to its sluggishness and overload. Lymphatic massage helps to stimulate the immune system so the body can overcome and resist disease. The light touch of this massage is deeply relaxing.
60 minutes $80

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The vital life force circulates between the organs of our body, permeating every cell & tissue. When blocked, the flow of energy throughout the body is interrupted, causing pain and disease. By stimulating reflex areas on our feet that correspond to these organs, our body is assisted in healing itself.
60 minutes $80

Raindrop Therapy
A series of essential oils which are anti-fungal, anti-viral and antibacterial are dropped along the spine and massaged into the back, leg shins and tops of both feet. This session concludes with applied hot packs. Restores, revitalizes, soothes & calms the body and mind. Not recommended for women who are pregnant.
60 minutes $90

Healing energy ("Universal Life Energy") flows through the practitioner into the client to restore balance, harmony and well being. Supports personal healing.
60 minutes $80

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Prenatal Massage
This basic relaxation massage is suited to the needs of the expectant mother and her baby. This service is designed to promote the release of both physical and emotional tension, relieve aches, pains and pressure, increase blood and lymph circulation and reduce swelling.
60 minutes $85

This ancient Hawaiian massage incorporates a distinctive kneading motion done toward the heart, using either thumbs, palms, or forearms. Strokes of an elongated nature are also used to expand the body. Special attention is paid to the lower abdomen, which is the center of all emotion and power, according to ancient Hawaiian philosophy.
60 minutes $95 / 90 minutes $120

Door County Hot Stone Massage
Heated smooth stones, collected from the shores of Door County, are used to warm muscles and tissues of the body, deeply relaxing and relieving soreness and stiffness. Using long gliding strokes, the therapist holds the stones and massages tension away. The heat from the stones also increases blood flow to various areas of the body. The unique grounded feeling the client experiences comes from the use of these natural stones and their placement on the body.
90 minutes $130

Therapeutic Relaxation Massage
This is the ultimate in relaxation. It incorporates elements of massage accupressure, aromatherapy and breathing techniques. Promotes deep relaxation. Not recommended for women who are pregnant.
90 minutes $120

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Aromatherapy Massage
Begin your treatment by selecting a massage oil from one of our aromatic herbal themes: Rest, Renew, and Detox. Then let the power of essential oils combined with the healing of therapeutic touch transform your physical, emotional and spiritual well-being
60 minutes $90 / 90 minutes $115

Therapeutic Cleansing Massage
This hour and a half therapy combines the detoxifying process of the herbal wrap with the relaxation of massage. Begin with a one-hour full body massage and conclude with a half hour herbal wrap. This therapy is especially beneficial in the releasing of toxins, which promotes relaxation of the body, mind and spirit. Not recommended for women who are pregnant.
90 minutes $135

Arnica Muscle Repair Treatment
This anti-inflammatory treatment eases muscle pain and joint stiffness. This add-on massage is performed on the back using Arnica Muscle Gel and warm towels. The session includes a relaxing scalp massage.
15 minutes $20

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Couples Massage
Share the relaxing experience of massage therapy with your partner in a room designed especially for two with two tables and two massage therapists. Please request this type of massage when booking your appointment.
60 minutes $160

Steam & Sauna Therapy
Our sauna and steam rooms are designed for the comfort of one to four people and are booked by appointment only. Treatments should be completed before any bodywork begins and should range in duration from 10 to 20 minutes.
with additional spa service $15 / without spa service $20

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